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SONORA, CA 95370


Relentless Records was started by Tambre Bryant in 1986 while promoting Power Metal bands Villain and Aggression. The first release on Relentless Records was Villain’s “Only Time Will Tell” LP, which is now a rare collector’s item selling for over $400 each on E-Bay, if you can find one. The second release was a single vinyl by Aggression called “Secretary Strut”.

In 2002 Relentless Records decided to release 80’s Thrash Metal group Ulysses Siren from San Francisco, with 80’s recordings of the band called “Above The Ashes”. Including Ulysses Siren’s first demo that became the #1 selling demo at Record Vault in 1985.

In 2002 Relentless Records released 80’s Heavy Metal group WarningSF from San Francisco, with re-recorded material from the 80’s called “Aftermath”. This release included three songs recorded in the 80’s as bonus tracks. One of the tracks “The Noose” was voted #1 song by Rock Hard Germany in 2002.

In 2003 Relentless Records released 80’s Power Metal group Villain on CD, called “Time Machine” which included the album “Only Time Will Tell” and bonus tracks of live and rehearsal recordings from 1986.

In 2004 Relentless Records released 80’s Thrash Metal group Heathen from San Francisco, with a CD called “Recovered” which included unfinished material as well as adding their four-song Opiate of the Masses demo, which includes tracks from the Victims of Deception album and a few copy tunes by Queen, Thin Lizzy, and Tygers to name a few.

Relentless Records is an independent label with world wide distribution based in the U.S.

For distribution, interviews, bookings, or more information contact Tambre Management at or call (209) 588-8880.