Jon Torres – Guitar
Brian Poole – Bass/Keys
Torre Carstensen– Vocals
Aaron Jellum –Lead Guitar

Will Carroll – Drums In the time when the slayers of the heavy metal dragon fought hard with the fury and fire of their instruments, there lived WARNING. This 80’s Metal band WARNING formed in San Francisco in the year 1982. WARNING, now known as WARNING S.F., has made this resurgence after Jon Torres an original member decided to re-record 7 of the old songs, and along with another original member, Brian Poole reformed the band in 2000 recruiting Bay Area
musicians Aaron Jellum, Will Carroll, and Torre Carstensen to re-record the old songs
that are in the true style of the early 80’s metal movement with that Bay Area
After almost 3 years of working diligently, it all came together.
After the recording of the old tracks the band realized that it had become more than
just a re-release of some old songs they had written (between 1979 – 1985). When
the recordings where finished in 2002 and people began to hear the material a
buzz was created around the world that eventually reached the labels. Several labels
came forward with offers that were placed on the table and the band ultimately made
a deal with Mausoleum Records out of Belgium for European distribution and
Relentless Records for North and South America and Asia distribution.
The album includes the 7 tracks that were re-recorded and also includes 3 bonus
tracks recorded in 1985 with that old analog sound and the raw energy of WARNING
as they were back in time.